In addition to other treatment approaches, I am also an EMDR Institute
Trained Clinician.   EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and
Reprocessing) , is an effective tool in healing trauma and treating other
disorders.  You can learn more about EMDR at .

An excerpt from website:

"When a traumatic or very negative event occurs, information processing may be
incomplete, perhaps because strong negative feelings or dissociation interfere with
information processing. This prevents the forging of connections with more adaptive
information that is held in other memory networks. For example, a rape survivor may
“know” that rapists are responsible for their crimes, but this information does not connect
with her feeling that she is to blame for the attack. The memory is then dysfunctionally
stored without appropriate associative connections and with many elements still
unprocessed. When the individual thinks about the trauma, or when the memory is
triggered by similar situations, the person may feel like she is reliving it, or may experience
strong emotions and physical sensations. A prime example is the intrusive thoughts,
emotional disturbance, and negative self-referencing beliefs of post traumatic stress
disorder (PTSD).

It is not only major traumatic events, or “large-T Traumas” that can cause psychological
disturbance. Sometimes a relatively minor event from childhood, such as being teased by
one’s peers or disparaged by one’s parent, may not be adequately processed. Such
“small-t traumas” can result in personality problems and become the basis of current
dysfunctional reactions."
To read what your insurance thinks about authorizing EMDR, click here.