You have the ability to make positive changes in your

I will help you learn to:

  • empower yourself,

  • develop appropriate boundaries,

  • cultivate and define your sense of self as a    
    separate  and distinct individual,

  • establish a new pattern of positivity, and

  • grow into a healthier person.
Therapy can be anxiety-provoking for some
people, so I strive to make the atmosphere
as soothing as possible. As you approach
my office, you are greeted with a casual
garden full of cheerful, colorful flowers and
lush ferns.  The deep blue color of the office
interior has been described by clients as
calming and comfortable.  
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
EMDR Institute Trained Clinician
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Critical Incident Stress Debriefer
I treat a broad range of issues related to relationships and life transitions, including issues
related to sexual orientation and post-bariatric surgery.

The treatment approaches I use to help you achieve your goals are cognitive-behavioral
therapy and extended family systems therapy.  

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the fact that how you THINK determines how you
FEEL, and how you feel determines how you BEHAVE.  Therefore, if you are thinking negatively,
you will feel bad and your behavior is likely to cause problems for yourself and others.  But if
you are thinking positively, you will feel happier, more content with yourself and others, and
your behaviors will reflect that attitude.

Extended family systems therapy looks for patterns of dysfunction in previous generations
that you may be repeating in your generation, and may even be passing onto the next
generation.    These learned dysfunctional ways of relating or behaving are often the source
of problems you may be having now.
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